Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II is the second release of this real-time strategy game
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Age of Empires II, the second release of this real-time strategy game based on real history, comes with a set of changes and improvements that make the game even more addictive.
Players begin the adventure with a town center, the crux of your civilization, and a few villagers. The first challenge the players have to face is collecting resources, namely f food, wood, stone, and gold. Eventually, you can even have your villagers fishing and exploiting the sea in their search of necessary supplies.

Players have the option of choosing to play the single player campaigns, multiplayer, or random maps.

After obtaining enough vital supplies, the player can train more villagers, construct buildings, making vessels, or even trade goods. Options are expanded by advancing through the ages, namely the Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Imperial Age, which represents the “evolution” of your civilization.

You are going to be challenged by five campaigns which missions make up the typical real time strategy game variants.

Its multiplayer options quite satisfy the players expectations, and there is also the Microsoft’s Internet Gaming Zone.

Finally, its great graphics and the very good AI players are challenged to confront make this game absolutely worth-playing for all real-time strategy fans.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Great improvements, atmosphere, graphics and very nice AI


  • The real-time feature makes the game quite slow
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